Welcome to my little corner in the blog world. After naming this space many many months ago, now has come the time to finally start the ‘page’. I am a complete newbie in terms of blogging so please pardon the initial learnings, misgivings! I decided to name this blog “wildweedz” because it’s going to offer a glimpse of a whole array of my interests. As weeds grow everywhere and not in one lone area..my interests are also very diverse. From home decor to food, from fashion to photography, from entrepreneurship to networking and many many more interests that are a bit too hard to categorize. I like to go with the flow and pick up strands and weeds along the way..and share the finding among many more like-minded people.  It’s a start of a journal of sorts but packaged with a whole lot of goodies for both you and me. Hop on in..bear with me on the not so ‘tried and tested’ path and discover a new wilderness!

The name was inspired by the header image. I was out on a walk with my camera. The light was low. The air was calm and there was quiet all around. That’s my zone. I find myself and I find life.


My ramblings are about  life, the roads less traveled, the hurdles crossed. Let’s discover our journeys together. Let’s spread some wild weeds.


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