Puppy Stories

Today’s post is something really away from the humdrum of life and no vanity either. Today is a day of some inward reflection. I keep doing that every once in a while to keep myself grounded and unaffected by this increasingly ‘take-away/ to-go’ life. Surprisingly, it comes as a lesson from a most unexpected source.

2 doggies.

I never use the term dog..for some odd reason. Unless..I’m using it for a person..oops..ok, not going to be mean to mankind..err..humankind. And that lesson, my blog friends, if you haven’t already guessed is about unconditional love. I read a shared quote message floating around a social media site. It describes how a puppy feels..that is if only the puppy could talk back to it’s owner and it’s reactions to them. One thing that really stood out to me was a line that went like this,

“no matter how much you get angry with me..not matter how much you hit or scold me..or even leave me alone..I still love you!” That got me. Just that one line! Even more so, because till a year back..I had one of my very own. He was my best friend and he was with me for 18+ years..but before I could tell him that I loved him back..he was gone..

this story though was from just before that.

late into a night, back in my hometown of Cochin, Kerala..I heard a pup whimpering. I didn’t know where it came from but it was enough to keep me awake for the rest of the night. I woke up with the slight interruption on an otherwise quiet night..Still lying on my bed, my thoughts went back to another day where a kitten was stuck in a net for a long time and there seemed no way out to rescue it..till it poured so hard by evening..as if it were a sign.. that it finally managed to free itself from the knots.

Since I couldn’t get to the source of the whining the same night..I waited impatiently till the next morning. Finally, found this little girl in a vacant swampy plot. Drenched, hungry, tired and almost lifeless from a whole night’s crying. 189350_10151179906762509_10385502_nManaged to rescue and bring her over to our part of the house. I can’t imagine how cruel a human can be to fling something so precious with out a care. I fell in love with her eyes. Despite its tiny size..her eyes sparkled..I instantly knew it came for a reason. Rest of the day it ate, slept, ate, slept. We gave it a warm nesting place and that night she slept with no cares.

I introduced her to my older boy charm only the next day, to avoid any form of sibling (well in this case it was GrandParent-style) rivalry. Slowly..cautiously. The little one was happy..it found a father/grandfather..hehehe..the older one was not very pleased with the new bundle of energy but didn’t complain having my time shared a little. Their bond began..silently. Over the next few days, we nursed her back to health and full of activity. Always instigating its elder companion.Always being shooed away by its elder companion. 🙂

She came back to life..


We had however put out a word in the neighborhood for its adoption. Since we already had one of our own and  couldn’t give it  as much attention as we would have liked to.

Little did we know, in between all our heart strings being strummed, my own would sulk in a corner for three days. Every spare minute sniffing the spaces left vacant by his little buddy. That’s how life is. My ears still hear it’s whimpering..this time of separation. Tending to its constant needs kept us on our feet..allowed us to distract from our own  pesky issues of everyday life.

But the hammer came down when we we lost our older chap. He pulled  through a painful gall bladder operation …was on his feet in less than  36 hours…he didn’t utter a single word of pain..everytime I got angry over trivial issues he  used to sense it and come sit next to me and help me calm down..everytime I had to go away he gave me the  most delectable lick and everytime I was unwell, he used to come sit next to my side…in that silence was the greatest comfort. I knew that even if no one else was  there..he was with me..and yet..when he needed me the most….I couldn’t be with him…

they say if your pooch is close to you..they don’t slip  away in front of you. I got  up one morning..he was still  lying down, I kept his head on my lap..he looked at me as if to say im fine..you go  get ready…I put his head back down gently..went to the kitchen and put two slices of bread  to toast…an invisible presence forced me to go see him again..because that morning I hadn’t seen him enough…and  as he lay there he had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen on anyone..in that moment, he had the smile I had been yearning for..but in that moment I captured that smile with my heart and eyes. forever. he was  at peace. he had me  in pieces ever since…

he hated my camera..i struggled to take a good frame…but he left me with this..

Caesar and a feeling called True Love

Love. Live. Life.

My ramblings are about  life, the roads less traveled, the hurdles crossed. Let’s discover our journeys together. Let’s spread some wild weeds.



Yes, yes, I know, no post in two days but don’t write me off just yet.  🙂

I was waiting for some images to come through and since I couldn’t shoot myself..had to be patient with the artist who took them. Now you ask what’s made somebody else shoot me??

Aha! Wild weeds wasn’t just a name I coined on seeing some wild weeds. I flutter around across spaces and across time (more on time later), pick up weeds, add it to my basket.sometimes completely imbibe it so much on my person that it really becomes part of me.

Over 10 years ago..I got myself inked. Yes, in other words got myself a tattoo. There sure is a story behind that and I had hoped back then it would leave me at some point. 10 years later, some of those tales have remained constant. I found myself in similar situations although at different intervals. So, to break out from the bonds, I decided to have another one..very significantly telling myself that I have indeed pulled through. So here is my liberty.


I wish I had the earlier picture. It was just the little scorpion fading into oblivion. Ha! I actually didn’t realize that what I just said was a bit true! Really! I’m going over that…the scorpion was fading into oblivion..literally!! Wow! Intense, eh?

Anyway, as luck would have it, or pure convenience..next door to the place I share for work there resides a tattoo artist. You can see some of his other work here. I was in two minds  whether to get a lens done or whether the broken chain would be more symbolic. I preferred the latter. And I also wanted it to snap with chunks falling off. Aesthetically finishing it off! The pain was much less. The blood even less so. I have thickened! Phew! 🙂

I know, this is such an abrupt post and I wish I could continue to rant..there is so much..but something I like to keep, so there is an air of enigma! haha! I’m born for the movies..such a drama person.

But let me go pick and hunt some more wild weeds. There is so much to talk about. We are just getting started, aren’t we.

Love. Life. Live.

My ramblings are about  life, the roads less traveled, the hurdles crossed. Let’s discover our journeys together. Let’s spread some wild weeds.



Quite Literally Wild

So, probably by now you would have guessed that I like to talk..a lot. In my real life I listen..a lot! Hahaha! A huge shout out to all my new friends who stopped by with my first post here. Thank you so much. I knew I wasn’t walking alone 🙂

Today, it really is on the wild side. That’s me. A bit of a rebel. A bit of a black sheep, if you will. But I like to stand apart. Don’t you? Why merge with everybody else? But one thing I certainly did figure out..my own retail therapy! So I still am very much a woman of the times. I’ve been asking all my lady friends, what’s with the ‘butterfly effect’ ? Really, am not one  of those fly lovers, even if it has butter in front of it! But hey, show me some wild crazy leather charms..I’m all for it. That brings me to my next story. As mentioned in my previous post, I’m about exploring unseen territories and today it’s about meeting some one who in the end actually helped me pick up a few weeds that I had been searching for a long long time. But before the story I can’t wait to share the spoils.


Patent leather, side zippers, laces and a buckle on the opposite side as shown below.


and here are my other favorites from the session. a detail of the neck piece.


and finally..yes..at last racking up one leather charm..very rugged..very me..loving the stars..a wish that was always on my mind 🙂


Now, before I get to indulgent and misplace my manners. A huge and big shout out of gratitude to Babita Jaishankar of WSol Image & Fashion Makeovers .   I met her over a business networking site over 3 years back. We have the same last name and in our part of the world that would mean pulling out the ancestral tree and tracing out common relations. The virtual association finally came to light about 3 months earlier..(and she’s 3 years elder to me..) on a work related level but I truly believe, there’s a more deeper relationship being built how much ever I may want to deny it. I can’t believe I just confessed to that. Again, I digress.

Anyhow, what I began to say was that when we met, she instantly got a grasp of my personality and in keeping with my choice of occupation took me up on a personal shopping session, not to forget the countless and constant, I must add, number of personalized advice and attention she gives once on board. It’s really strange how people in this profession can be so on top of their game, right down to the details. It’s like they know you more than you know your own self. Sometimes.

For instance, we were going through a bunch of charms..nothing really caught my eye..then she just pulled this winding string from the huge pile and Bang! It had my name all over it! 🙂 And so did the string necklace with the cowboy hat ‘n God knows what rings on it! Or WAIT! It’s supposed to be a pair! Ha! I bet there’s something significant about it! Light bulb moment! I’m not the thinking type.. heheh..so not dwelling on it! BUT what about those BOOTS!!  I walked in almost ready to leave..tired..she nudged..said one last store..and I fell in love with those! And again, it was made for me! Providence..hahaha..consumerism I say.. Materialistic Providence. I have this interesting networking event later next week..meeting a bunch of women entrepreneurs. I know I will stand out! Literally. Fingers crossed and hope there are no judges :). I’m drooling over that buckle! Sigh..

I’m not about material pacifiers. I’m about emotions but I guess once in a while a rant about things picked up along the way wont hurt.

I’m born to run free..I feel..I think..I evolve every single day. For me it’s about relationships. It’s about the human connection. It’s about personal stories written in the everyday pursuit of happiness. I think I’ve found my true voice here. I don’t preach..I don’t teach. I simply share and hope that if some one out there can relate to my experiences in life then they needn’t feel as outnumbered. We are not strangers. We just think differently. We don’t just stand at a cross-road and think which one to take..we create another one for ourselves.

Live. Life. Love! Have a fabulous week and once again, thank you..each one of you for your engagement on this page!

My ramblings are about  life, the roads less traveled, the hurdles crossed. Let’s discover our journeys together. Let’s spread some wild weeds.



Rocking the painted stones

That’s right folks! Today’s rambling start with some latent talent and what better way to start than a little about the artist who beholds that latent talent. Introducing Anu @ Zafaran Art. I somehow have a way to promote people especially when I find their talent being under sold by the artist themselves. I’m very pushy. Very.

When I came across her work for the first time, I said I must get her work out there for people to see. Artists tend to cocoon themselves in their own world. We tend to be a little shy sometimes to the extent of being overly critical of our work and very often compare ourselves to others. It’s something that really resonates with my own realm of photography. I tend to wait for things to be perfect. But each time I reach that benchmark.. I push it further. Some one recently told me, perfection is unattainable..(that some one is my alter ego! :p ). An illusion that you keep chasing. Each time you think you are close to it, you yourself are pushing it further. Growth happens, certainly, but let the growth be seen and measured. By yourself.I headed off to her studio, armed with my set of weapons..got these and a few more at the end of the day.



Each stone is hand-picked, treated and then sealed once painted. Detailing/ Subject is decided in keeping with the natural shape of the stone.

_DSC0629Finally a constant chase wound up with her agreeing to her very first exhibition and sale of not only these stones, but her canvases as well.

Here’s a quick click from the display at the stall.1966778_732446083499142_7964994224985741256_n IMG-20140907-WA000

Read more about her experience here.

Meanwhile, I’m also stepping out on my own. I’m learning how to push myself by promoting others. It comes naturally, talking about others but it’s a roller coaster ride to walk up the hill myself. I guess that’s where my strength comes in..because I know how hard and overwhelming it can be to have no help..to be standing alone at a cross road where although there are four paths one can choose and take, there is also four times that much of apprehension..to take one!

My ramblings are about  life, the roads less traveled, the hurdles crossed. Let’s discover our journeys together. Let’s spread some wild weeds.