Layered.. – Part I

Hola! Happy October Peeps! Howdy all? I missed writing, even though some of you didn’t 🙂

Now now, I have excuses. If my increasingly diminishing memory can correctly process, in my last post I wrote about a forthcoming event. OH Yes! It’s been a fortnight since then! Whoops! All the same, I was busy finding weeds..remember..this is THE BLOG about picking and spreading weeds. 😉

So, I’m back! I can’t just ramble about picking weeds, I have to get some good pictures too, right? With this post hopefully I’d put in enough to make up for the short disappearance.

Let me begin!


What do you see? A wine bottle?? Hang hangovers here..hahahaha..nope, not even jewelry..and no not even clutter..err..wait..did you say clutter? It’s not’s layers over layers of textures. Yes, that’s right folks. That’s exactly what we are going to speak rant about..It’s my favourite topic…I dunno if I mentioned this before..heck..even if I did, I’ll just repeat it again..I love to study people. They come in all hues (WAIT..don’t say that word, I’m not one!) and unraveling them is what I like to do the most.

I am story teller. I tell stories. Through film. Through stills. Stories of people, of food (yes, another one of my weaknesses) and sometimes even inanimate objects. But what I find the most appealing is trying to understand a fellow human. Why and how one human differs from another in their responses to exactly the same situation. What’s wiring them to do so? Sometimes, it may not differ..but there might two different logical conclusions to their reflexes..uff..sorry too many high flung words :p

Safe to say, humans have so many layers to them..just like an onion. Some people are clean at the surface..good to go right of the bat..just cut them up and cook along, they won’t even make you cry. Some, the more you peel the more you might tear the end there will be nothing to hold them together..they are quick to be called rotten..discarded into the rubbish bin. But obviously they were not grown rotten. They became rotten because they were holding out the outer surfaces but was hoping some one would give them a little more nurture and care instead of being tossed around assuming they were good and didn’t need extra attention. I wouldn’t call them rotten though, just neglected. Can you connect the human with an onion :p ?

Why this sudden observation? This past weekend I was at an exhibition for one of my clients. She does stone paintings and at the exhibition she had an impromptu workshop requested by the organizers. Anyhow, there came this little lass. Shy. Really naïve. When she saw the stones, her eyes gleamed. But very shy to the point of being hesitant to recognize her own flair. Fortunately a very indulgent father egged her on..gave her a voice to talk through the brush with which she painted an owl.. I don’t know the connection of kids and owls (just like women and butterflies) but I digress. Not many kids have that support early on..and that changes how they react to situations later in life. She was so happy and as she drew, her shyness eased out as well. What caught me in my tracks, is that the girl belonged to a very modest and simple family..unlike the crowd that was present that know those Must Be Seen Crowd :p …and when she finished she beamed this beautiful smile of a simple dream coming true, it was really magical. For me, that was enough to say, yes, we could make a difference for that moment..the innocence..was, personally for biggest sale that day (not that I’m saying those stones were mine) but you get the idea. 🙂 My day was made with that smile. Period.

Here she is..cute as ever.


Moving on, rather, getting back to our own layers. How many of us have shown all? How many of us have been able to unearth of our own self? Not many..those lucky few have already reached enlightenment.

_DSC2600Every piece or every corner..there are multiple layers of texture..multiple layers of solid and patterned colors..just as we have. Yes..we too have textures and colors in all that we do..we imbibe from the outside and it makes us who we are from the inside. By Gosh! Have I attained enlightenment? I think, yes. 🙂 Awareness of the self..within ourself and within the bigger picture.

_DSC2617Some of these textures are gifted by others, some you pick on your own..many others happen to come by your way. Some you can relate to, some you just adapt to and take it in your stride. It’s a happy dance and I love discovering my traits every day. I will never be completely unwrapped..because when it comes to human beings..there is never an end. The layers either build up or keep getting peeled off. There is never a rotten core..just a void that needs to be filled. Like each of these tangible objects have their own story of how they were made and found their way into my hands..there are stories of each of your traits. Stop. Listen to your inner self. Just live in the now with your soul. Find yourself..find your true calling.

If you are comfortable..peel off those layers yourself to show others around you that you have your own flavor and etchings..but be careful don’t tear along the way. If you want to let others peel you..let them..but don’t be afraid to tell them to be a little cautious. No body wants to end up..getting red eyes 😉

My ramblings are about  life, the roads less traveled, the hurdles crossed. Let’s discover our journeys together. Let’s spread some wild weedz.