48 days

48 Days

Not that it’s anything very significant, but it’s 48 days since my last post here. A full month and half…(and 3 days, ah, the number 3 again).

Well, I don’t know why time flies so fast. Especially when it comes down to having to blog :). The last 48 days was pretty frantic. Yes, I always have excuses, hehe. No really. Sometimes, you feel that last leg of the relay will be easy to finish but that’s probably the toughest. I have no where reached the finish line just yet, but just saying…the number of obstacles that come in your track can be least expected.

October was a pretty chaotic. 4 years of hard work and patience got wiped away over a bus ride. For me what it translates to is not the fact that I lost so many images but what has become of all of that in the wrong hands. Just when I was over a physical crash in front of me; the whole storage drive gets picked from my bag. Some people will never learn. Oh, I’m not talking about me 🙂 A strange calm has ever since enveloped me though, I don’t know if it’s a calm before a bigger storm or a calm after one.

In all of this, I visited my native and had the opportunity to visit a very obscure little nook. A place which I can’t still write about it now but here’s a sneak peek. More to follow once the good people are ready to talk and formally launch the property.


My hand trouble still persists. It has also in a way dropped my continuity at work and reduced my pace a little but the extra time I managed to find from the ‘rest’ period has allowed me to attend some good meet ups for enterprising entrepreneurs and also given me the chance to re-look at a few people in specific and a lot more in general, seems to me like my favorite pastime. When I initially began writing, I started out with the intention of talking about relationships. In-advertently I also started talking about a few projects that I felt I could relate to, albeit in a way promoting others. However, my little inability to take images of such projects, as regularly as I had hoped for, over the past few weeks has reduced my posts about others. I will certainly get around doing so…once I get well completely. So those who have read my earlier posts and wonder why I haven’t written about them yet…exactly…not Just Yet. Will Do! 🙂

Somebody, via social media, approached me to help them co-author a community page about relationships. I thought it would really be up my stream as that is something I do on a side, with immediate family and friends. Not with the idea of monetizing it…but if I can get through a person’s thought process, and help them heal in any small way I’m only too happy. I did consider the offer and talks are still on. And if you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to add them in comments. The page however focuses more on the typical Man-Woman Relationships and hence have urged the moderators and admins to improve upon the scope and open it out to other areas as well. Every person is in multiple relationships at the same time. Be it formal or a personal one. Will keep you folks updated. Maybe I might just start something at my own level, if this doesn’t materialize. 🙂 but hey, then isn’t this blog almost on the same lines??

What human beings need the most, is someone to just listen to them. Let them talk and not be reprimanded for it…or judged. If one feels the need that person should be shown a more appropriate path they should head towards to reduce the burden they feel…by all means do so…but do so in a very approachable manner. I know there is no time for countless hours of being a sound board, but if that person has approached you…it’s because they feel safe to talk to you about what’s going on with them. Good or bad. And you giving them their undivided attention during those few minutes…or seconds even, will make a huge difference in how they then go about helping themselves. A by-product could also be in answering those questions for yourself. It’s amazing how somebody else’s fears and phobias are so similar to yourself that when you open up to hearing them, it’s like a mirror staring back at you. The answer you give them might just be the answer you were looking for, in the first place. Truly. Many a times I’ve surprised myself how I try and separate myself from me while I listen to others and have moments that strike me, saying, “Hey, those were your questions which you needed an answer for and here you are, answering them for others”. Wasn’t that easy? Preaching was, practicing is another game altogether, isn’t it? 😀

Last few weeks…I have been talking. A lot. Somebody, who gave me some of the time that ‘I’ needed. I am grateful. Don’t smile…you need it as much! You Were Me!! 😉

They didn’t tell me something what i didn’t know or someone before them hadn’t told. They just said it a whole new way. A way that didn’t bring a fiery sound or a piercing prick along with it. So, it’s not just important what you say, it’s also how it’s said.

Studying psychology definitely does give you an edge but if you make an effort to study people in their own physical space, helps you understand where they come from and why they behave as they do or what is most important to them in their healing process. Is it just a need to vent bottled up feelings, is it a need for them to be given assurance that they are loved and respected and accepted, is it a need to allow them to take chances and know that their back is covered, is it a need that tells them there will always be an open channel for communication? There are needs above and beyond just material and tangible appeasement. There are needs that are beyond false promises or quick fix solutions. These needs are to be met more holistically for if left un-attended, these needs will create a void…and that void can have serious ramifications or consequences. Be there for someone, anyone, who chooses you to be there for them. Having said that though, never hesitate to ask someone to help you! If you need help, ask. If someone needs your help, give! 🙂

Lean on each other, there’s nothing wrong…that’s how a relationship will last forever long

Before I sign off…and although I have already sent them their due appreciation, I just want to shout out a big Thank You! You have come to fill a big void in my life and I will always be grateful and appreciative of your affection. Some relationships are by birth, some by choice and yet some that are so unexplainable. You are one of those unexplained interventions. From now and forever, I will always be thankful for having crossed paths and cherish every moment you have shared with me.

Live. Life. Love!

My ramblings are about  life, the roads less traveled, the hurdles crossed. Let’s discover our journeys together. Let’s spread some wild weeds.


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