5 years and counting…

Well well well! I know it’s already 16 days (Gosh!) into the New Year, but since it’s my first post for 2015, I want to shout out a big Happy New Year to all my regular readers and followers. Thank you ever so much.

When I logged into WordPress right now, it gave me a notification that I’ve been with them for 5 years! Really? That must certainly say something of my fickle minded brain. But then I guess, if I’ve made it in one place for 5 years, I think I can go on for another 5 years at the very least. At least hoping to.

How’s everything? How is everyone? How has 2015 been so far??

There’s just so much happening off late that, it’s been a bit hectic and am trying to keep up with all the events.


Much has been spoken of the Kochi-Muziris Binnale. In fact I won’t do justice if I were to try and collate my thoughts and pen it down here. In a nutshell it’s an experience like no other. The above image is from the first edition of the Art Festival held between 2012-2013. That was just a trailer of how much potential there is for artists not only within the Indian realm but also across the globe. It catapulted India on to the global art map and I am so proud to say I belong to the city. It has been an awakening of the Art & Cultural Ecosystem and it’s second edition it has exploded even more.

Representing 30 countries and over 90 artists, the binnale in it’s wake has left no stone un-turned to literally give a international platform to home grown artists on par with some of the bigger names. They are calling it “whorled explorations” and correctly so. It’s wings touch not only the passive onlooker, but the vibrations spread to all the little auxiliary streams as well. Travel & Tourism with special binnale itineraries, Hospitality, Special Events, even the local fairy tale commute of the ferry boats stand to flourish and make some golden hay. I’m quite certain, the National GDP must get a spike in it’s revenue 🙂

I extend a hearty gratitude to each and everyone behind the organization of this phenomenal project. And along with it, hope that in one of the future events, I will be able to be a part of the whole force in whatever little way I can contribute.

Ok, so that’s that. Personally for me the past few months has been nothing but full of pleasant surprises. I was inducted into the very distinguished Cherie Blair Mentorship For Women Entrepreneurs Program that runs a whole year. My mentor from UK and I have been working quite closely and although tangible results are still to be seen, the process has been set in motion. Over and above, there has been a slew of projects across a wide spectrum that I’ve been working on and yes, which basically means, Wild Weeds is spreading rapidly 🙂

There is one last speed-breaker on the anvil but this time around, I’m waiting quite impatiently for it so I can cross it and then get on the expressway! Meanwhile, utilizing the time to gear up and boot up as well!! Hahaha!Oh yeah…i did get that second pair 😉

You will also be seeing a whole new blog! Or wait!! No…three more. One more of mine and another two to which I’ve been invited as a guest-author and regular contributor. One of course is a photography based blog by Dubai based photographer Vineet Suthan and the other for a relationship based website/blog that goes by the name Cogxio. So, I guess my writing skills have come to the forefront as well! Not bad, eh? Yay!

And finally there’s my blog…well, the third one! I will put a link back here shortly. I’m just prepping it 🙂 (suspense!).

So 3 + 2 blogs, a business networking site, the regular social media page1, and page2the website (which is Still giving me a few sleepless nights since it’s Still under development 😦 ) and some creative content  development for a client…and that’s just the writing bit! Year 2015, watch out for me!!

Ya’ll have a perfect year ahead. I know I’ve started mine! Cheers.

Live. Life. Love!

My ramblings are about  life, the roads less traveled, the hurdles crossed. Let’s discover our journeys together. Let’s spread some wild weeds.


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